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Fine Handmade Wood Flooring

Bennett & Jones | Fine Handmade Wood Flooring | Shire-Landscapes Kollektion | Oak No. 2 | Cornwall | BJ1002 | Landhausdiele

The Shire Landscapes collection contains our country creations. There is a sense of local identity and an appreciation for old woodworking traditions in every single board. Over the generations, various techniques and special characteristics have developed in different regions.
We apply these techniques in combination with our own experience and the vision of a wood designer from the 21st century. The result: parquet flooring that embodies origin, tradition and the modern in a whole new living experience.

Wild and modern, colourful and wonderfully eccentric. Pulsating and fascinating. Either you love it or you try to avoid ‘The City’. Personally, it inspires us to come up with new trends.
The London Calling collection stands for floors with that certain something – deliberately different from conventional traditions. This is where we play around with techniques and create looks that are edgy and self-confident. Not brash, but with a certain amount of panache.
One of our workshop supervisors recently said: “A Bennett & Jones parquet floor from the ‘London Calling’ collection looks like a 12 cylinder Rolls Royce Merlin sounds.” We were thrilled about this comparison because it describes perfectly what we want to achieve with the London Calling floors. Let’s call it edgy elegance.

Bennett & Jones | Fine Handmade Wood Flooring | Britain`s Finest Kollektion | Oak No. 12 | Lancaster | BJ0911 | Landhausdiele

Our floors are like the country itself. We want to take you on a journey through Britain. From the rolling hills of England through the Yorkshire dales up to the rugged mountains in the north of Scotland.
All our classic products are in our ‘Britain’s finest’  collection. This is where you will find calm and elegant surfaces through to striking and stronger looks.


Live like the Royal Family: Our grand planks are named after the English royal dynasties or are reminiscent of famous scenes from the world of the royal family.

The impressive 26 centimetres width and 2.20 metres length make our grand planks worthy of their name. This format shows the character of the surface to its best advantage. A four-sided micro-bevel ensures each plank is subtly distinguished from the next and gives the floor a spacious appearance. Each surface is finished with natural oil, which together with the elegantly restrained colours underlines the genuinely authentic looks of our royal collection.

A crowning glory for every ambience.