OAK NO. 18

Balmoral Castle in Scotland is the favourite castle of several generations of the royal family and is still the summer residence of the royal family today.

Our Balmoral grand planks are lively and rustic. Longitudinal splits are filled in wood colour, knots are filled in brown. The planks are given their unmistakable, bright, friendly appearance by the special whitewash treatment: a water-based solution is rubbed into each individual plank and then matured for a while in its own drying chamber. This grand plank is then lightly planed by hand and lightly finished with natural oil making it also a tactile experience.



Item no. BJ2006
2200 x 260 x 15 mm
Extra wide plank
hand-scraped, brushed, white washed, natural oil-treated

Groove 4-sided micro bevel

Wear layer approx. 4 mm


This floor is handmade from natural real wood. The limited size of this sample can’t fully display all variations and aspects of the material and the full beauty the original B&J floor will bring to your home.