OAK NO. 19

Located in the heart of the capital is Westminster Palace, now the seat of the British Parliament. Its venerable halls only served as a royal residence for a brief period.

Our Westminster grand planks show an interplay of trendy grey-beige colours, which is produced by light smoking. Knots and splits are filled in a dark colour. The skilful enhancement of each individual plank with white natural oil achieves a fascinating contrast. Planed by hand, Westminster guarantees a unique sensory experience.



Item no. BJ2007
2200 x 260 x 15 mm
Extra wide plank
light-smoked, hand-scraped, white oil-treated

Micro bevel


This floor is handmade from natural real wood. The limited size of this sample can’t fully display all variations and aspects of the material and the full beauty the original B&J floor will bring to your home.