OAK NO. 20

Castle Howard is located in the north of Yorkshire, about 40 kilometres north of the city of York. It is considered the first truly baroque building in England and has served as a backdrop for several well-known TV series.

Our grand planks of the same name are lightly smoked, creating a variety of interesting colour schemes that accentuate the subsequent finishing with a white natural oil. What makes our Howard planks so special is the so-called counter-planing: Our experts pull the planer intentionally in the opposite direction of the wood growth, thus creating a characteristic surface that appeals to all the senses.



Item no. BJ2008
2200 x 260 x 15 mm

Extra wide plank

light-smoked, reverse handscraped, white oil-treated

Groove 4-sided micro bevel

Wear layer approx. 4 mm


This floor is handmade from natural real wood. The limited size of this sample can’t fully display all variations and aspects of the material and the full beauty the original B&J floor will bring to your home.