OAK NO. 24

Glasgow uniquely combines the rustic beauty of wood floors with the urban flair of Scotland's fascinating metropolis. With its robust plane-marked surface, Glasgow exudes a rugged, artisanal charm while creating restrained extravagance. Each plank is unique: it is scraped and brushed by hand to achieve a flawless finish. The deliberately shallow knots and splits provide an authentic look without appearing too rustic. The natural unevenness resulting from the drying process completes the impressive look. With a meticulous natural oil finish, the wood floors are also perfectly protected from external influences.

Item no. BJ0112 
2200 x 220 x 14 mm
brushed, natural oil-treated
Groove 4-sided round

Wear layer approx. 3 mm


This floor is handmade from natural real wood. The limited size of this sample can’t fully display all variations and aspects of the material and the full beauty the original B&J floor will bring to your home.